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Stunt Fall Protection with i2k

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Stunt Fall Protection with i2k Traditional stunt pads have a single sweet spot that provides optimum safety for stunt people. The problem is that even being off by a tiny bit can make using traditional stunt pads dangerous and increase the chances of injury and strain. The good news is that i2k offers amazing protection […]

Fall Protection Equipment And Construction Safety

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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of death in the construction sector, responsible for 37.9 percent of total fatalities.For this reason, fall prevention equipment and construction safety go hand in hand in preventing fatalities. Contractors and associated businesses need to put systems in place that can prevent […]

At What Height is Fall Protection Required

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At What Height is Fall Protection Required If you look at the most common injuries at work, you will see that falls happen to top both accidents and falls. It is your responsibility of you as an employer to arrange some kind of fall protection. Arrangements have to cover someone falling from a work site, an overhead platform, any elevated workstation, or even holes in wall structures. The OSHA states that reducing falls from platforms, uneven floor surfaces, raised workstations, and more is required. OHSA also stipulates that fall protection has to exist where there is a workplace […]

Trampoline Park AirBags

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Trampoline Park AirBags With any activity such as trampolining, safety is paramount, especially when services are being provided to the public. Trampoline park airbags are the perfect solution to create a safe and fun environment that will ensure all patrons at your business go home with smiles on their faces. Improving Safety in Trampoline Parks. Safety is a top priority in trampoline parks. Although trampoline injuries also occur in the home, injuries at trampoline parks have risen as they have become more popular. Trampoline parks have a duty to keep their customers safe and, of course, it just makes good business sense. […]