Fall Protection

The AirPad is designed to provide fall protection for workers in a broad spectrum of industries, from construction to transportation to material loading. Soft to land on and providing instant frame recovery, AirPads safely catch and protect workers from injury in case of falls from buildings, bridges or other structures.

Unlike other air bags, workers can land anywhere on the AirPad with the same unbeatable level of comfort and safety. Workers also don’t have to land on their back to be safe, since protruding limbs are also immediately indented into the surface of the ZeroShock fingers far more effectively than existing landing systems. People falling from odd angles will still experience the shock-free landing that our fall protection system is famous for.

Since ZeroShock fingers are capable of absorbing heavy impacts even when small in both height and footprint, AirPads are a good solution for compact work spaces, like between two buildings. AirPads will safely cradle people falling when jumping from houses, buildings, bridges and other dangerous heights–even when you don’t have a lot of ground space to accommodate fall protection.

AirPads are easy and quick to set up and transport, making them transferrable across multiple different job sites each day. AirPads are designed to withstand heavy use and extreme outdoor conditions. Ongoing maintenance costs are extremely slim, since the top sheet of the AirPad can be replaced (usually at 12-18 months) separately and inexpensively.

Materials used in an i2k AirPad

  • Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet
  • Secondary Restraint Netting
  • Raschel Netting
  • Inflatable Shock Absorbers
  • Grommet Strip
  • Lower Absorption Chamber
  • Anchor Straps with 2” Welded D-Rings
  • 110v Inflatation Blower or Gasoline-Powered Blowers Available

According to OSHA in 2012,
there were 806 worker
fatalities on construction sites.
279 of the 806 (35%) were
due to falls.

Custom Made Fall Protection Systems Maximize Protection

Falls are the leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites and cost U.S. Businesses tens of millions of dollars per year. Protect your employees, and your company, by opting for a custom landing system that best suits your specific needs.

While we make AirPad fall protection systems in standard sizes, we can also custom design them to suit an industry or job site’s specific needs and regulations. Our AirPads are designed and manufactured in Southern California, which makes communication and collaboration convenient, easy and quick.

Choosing the right size AirPad

The size of your AirPad will depend on the maximum fall height present on your site. See the graphic below to help you decide on the right size as prescribed by OSHA.

For maximum fall height of up to 5’, choose our 8’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of 5’
to 10‘, choose our 10’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height over 10’, choose our 13’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of up to 5’, choose our 8’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of 5’
to 10‘, choose our 10’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height over 10’, choose our 13’ AirPad.

Standard AirPad Sizes

Our standard sizes come in 48″, 60″ and 72″ depths to comply with OSHA requirements. AirPads easily link together to cover large fall areas. Custom sizes are also available.

• AirPad-48 (6’x8’x4′)
• AirPad-96 (8’x12’x5′)
• AirPad-64 (8’x8’x6′)
• AirPad-80 (8’x10’x6′)

• AirPad-160 (8’x20’x5′)
• AirPad-120 (6’x8’x6′)
• AirPad-140 (10’x14’x6′)
• Ask About Custom Sizes

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Not ready to buy? We can also arrange for fall protection rentals in some parts of the USA. Contact us for details

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i2k AirPad mats for vehicles & trailers

Vehicles and trailers require specific fall protection mechanisms due to their smaller size and specific landing properties. The i2k AirPad mat is a cost-effective fall arrest system that consists of up to eleven inflatable AirPad Mats interlinked with simple push fit connectors. This keeps workers protected from every possible point of falling.

All AirPad Mats are secured to the vehicles by straps for maximum stability. Wind interference is eliminated through trailer attachments at the top inside corners of each mat and outside base ties with can be fixed either to stakes driven into the ground or concrete ballast blocks. AirPad Mats are inflated with an 110 volt electric or petrol motor powered blower.

Airpad mats are suitable for all units from 10 feet to 60 feet in length and comply with all current regulations for worker safety in the USA. They are quick and easy to install; and, once deflated, the system is easy to move around and store.

Top 6 AirPad Mat Benefits

  • Suitable for all units from 10 feet to 60 feet in length
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Conforms with all current regulations
  • Inter-linking modules for ease of inflation
  • AirPad Mats are linked together with velcro straps to avoid gaps
  • Once deflated, the AirPad Mat System is
    easy to move around and store

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