The AirPad provides passive fall protection for workers in a broad spectrum of industries, from construction to transportation to material loading. Soft to land on with instant recovery, AirPads prevent injuries from falls off aircraft, trailers, roofs, buildings, bridges or other structures in manufacturing environments..

Fall Safely Anywhere–It’s One Big Sweet Spot

Unlike typical air bags, workers can fall anywhere on the AirPad with consistently unbeatable comfort and safety. Workers also don’t have to land on their backs to avoid injury, since protruding limbs immediately indent into the surface of the ZeroShock Crumple Tubes far more effectively than other landing systems. People striking the surface at precarious positions will still experience the shock-free landing that makes our fall protection system the best on the market.

Comfort-Focused Shock Absorbing

Since ZeroShock Crumple Tubes can absorb heavy impacts even when small in both height and footprint, AirPads are a good solution for compact work spaces, such as between two buildings. AirPads safely cradle falling bodies when jumping or falling from houses, trailers, aircraft, buildings, bridges and other dangerous heights–even when you don’t have a lot of ground space to accommodate fall protection.

Set-Up & Transport is a Breeze

Setting up and transporting AirPads is quick and easy, which makes them transferable across multiple job sites each day. AirPads are designed to withstand heavy use and extreme outdoor conditions. Ongoing maintenance costs are extremely slim. The most common maintenance is when trampoline parks and gyms wish to replace their inexpensive top sheet, and even then it is typically not for 12-18 months.

Materials used in an i2k AirPad

  • Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet
  • 1000D Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet
  • Crumple Tubes (Shock Absorbers)
  • Lower Absorption Chamber
  • Anchor Straps with 2″ Welded D-Rings
  • 110v Inflation Blower or Gasoline-Powered Blowers Available

Why Do I Need Fall Protection?

According to OSHA in 2012, there were 806 worker
fatalities on construction sites. 279 of the 806 (35%) were due to falls.

What makes these figures all the more tragic? These were preventable deaths.

Fall protection is a multi-faceted concept with many solutions. It’s unthinkable to not implement at least one of them on a job site. But really, it’s equally unthinkable not to implement multiple solutions. Because, the repercussions for just being “safe enough” are irreversible.

That’s why we’re proud to offer i2k AirPads with patented ZeroShock impact technology. Just putting an AirPad on your job site, with no other fall protection in place, can save lives. Combining our AirPads with other methods of fall protection… that’s more than just peace of mind.

Fall Protection Safety Testing

Be Fully OSHA 1926.501 Compliant

Construction companies, and so many other organizations, industries, and verticals, must abide by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

Not only is full compliance good practice for simple safety best practices, but it also means avoiding hefty fines and further ramifications.

1926.501 – Duty to have fall protection
Each employee who is constructing a leading edge 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems.

i2k AirPads are fully compliant with the regulation. When combined with other protection systems, such as harnesses, you will be far above and beyond government expectations, which protects you as a business owner and you as an employee.

construction worker landing in airpad

How our Patented ZeroShock Impact Technology Works

Instead of feeling a rigid jolt as one’s body comes into contact with a surface, i2k wants people to experience a totally shock-free landing experience.

ZeroShock technology was carefully developed to allow jumpers and athletes to push their boundaries more safely and comfortably than ever before.

Unlike other inflatable fall protection, our ZeroShock technology allows for a body or impact to STAY STUCK and not bounce, roll or fall off like traditional inflatable systems.

Individual Crumple Tubes form around a person’s body to carefully cradle their impact. These Crumple Tubes are a series of patented Crumple Tubes that sit below the floating top surface sheet of the i2k AirPad. When a body hits and indents the top surface sheet, a small amount of air within the Crumple Tubes immediately expels into the base bag below, cushioning falls.

i2k AirPad: How It Works

High-Quality Materials

All i2k AirPads are manufactured with the highest grade materials right here in California.

We use our proprietary Silicone-Coated Ballistic Nylon (SCBN) for our patented Crumple Tubes, as well as our primary top sheet, which ensures:

  1. You will never have delamination problems associated with vinyl
  2. You will never get a rip or tear in the top sheet
  3. It creates an antimicrobial and antiviral layer that simplifies sanitization

Other materials that go into your AirPads are:

  • 210 bonded-nylon thread
  • The finest hook & loop fabric for the base of the AirPad
  • Webbing
  • Welded D-Rings
  • YKK zippers
  • 12-18oz PVC-coated vinyl fabric (depending on your specifications)

Get your top sheets custom printed with your design or logo, upon request.

airplane mechanic over an i2k airpad fall safety equipment

Custom Made Fall Protection Systems Maximize Protection

Falls are the leading cause of worker deaths on construction sites and cost U.S. Businesses tens of millions of dollars per year. Protect your employees, and your company, by opting for a custom landing system that best suits your specific needs.

While we make AirPad fall protection systems in standard sizes, we can also custom design them to suit an industry or job site’s specific needs and regulations. AirPads are designed and manufactured in Southern California, which makes communication and collaboration quick, convenient and easy.

What are the 4 Methods of Fall Protection?

Like most products on the market, fall protection products come in different breeds. Ideally they work synergistically, adding protection in layers. Sort of like wearing belts with suspenders.

The thinking is pretty simple. When it’s life or death, is there really such thing as overly cautious?

Generally, fall protection solutions fall into one of four categories. The more categories checked off, the better.

  1. Fall elimination
  2. Fall prevention
  3. Fall arrest
  4. Administrative controls

Let’s take a look at these categories and also review the myriad protection products that fit the bill.

Types of Fall Protection

Fall Elimination

This sidesteps the entire issue of falling from a great height. Just find a way not to have to work at height.

Easier said than done. But it’s possible sometimes. Long tools can do the work while the worker stands on the ground. Or even non-human workers can step in.

Again, easier said than done.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention can actually be split into two sub-categories that do essentially the same thing.

  • Fall guarding
  • Fall restraint

Fall Guarding

Fall guarding is stopping the falling from even happening, typically with a barrier. For instance, a guard rail.

Sometimes, there’s just not an option for this solution, especially during construction, when you have a leading edge that’s being worked on.

Ironically, your employees may even be installing a guard rail when they slip and fall off the as-yet unprotected ledge.

Fall Restraint

Fall restraint involves personal fall protection equipment that keeps you attached to something at the height at which you’re working. For instance, a full body harness attached to a self retracting lifeline.

This is typically also what is referred to when someone says “personal fall protection,” because the chosen fall protection product doesn’t apply broadly for all workers, just to one at a time.

This can leave a huge gap. Because each employee is personally responsible for adhering to the fall protection safety procedure, for example, of putting on the harness. While the self retracting nature of some fall protection safety equipment is a nice feature, it doesn’t matter if you don’t connect it properly.

Why a Full Body Harness Isn’t Good Enough

There’s a simple but fatal Achilles Heel to a full body harness. It has to be worn, and it has to be attached to something. In other words, it depends on 100% adherence and 0% human error.

This is simply an unrealistic scenario. Mistakes happen, and just one mistake can lead to a costly, fatal outcome. That’s why we suggest a belt-and-suspenders approach.

Fall Arrest

Fall arrest is all about what you can do for fall protection safety after you’ve already fallen. For instance, i2k AirPads can safely catch you even if all previous safety measures have failed.

Methods of fall arrest must be shock absorbing so that it mitigates the danger behind hitting a surface from a great height. However, not all solutions are created equal. Safety nets, for instance, can actually be quite painful and can even snap, rendering them non-effective.

That’s why we invented the i2k AirPad. It’s the best fall arrest product on the market, offering protection, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and easy set-up. It’s highly recommended to use some form of fall arrest system in addition to any other fall protection already in place, especially in situations with a leading edge.

Administrative Controls

Administrative controls actually doesn’t involve fall protection equipment. Instead, administrative controls involve guidelines, procedures, and oversight. For instance, a warning stripe near an edge or an observer tasked with calling out warnings.

This is a no brainer fall protection solution. Every job site needs safety procedures. Oftentimes, safety regulations mandate them.

That said, it still leaves a sliver of chance to human error. That’s just not a chance anyone, worker or owner, should ever take with fall protection.

Choosing the right size 

Your AirPad’s size depends on the maximum fall height possible on your site. Use the graphic below to determine the right size as prescribed by OSHA.

For maximum fall height of up to 5’, choose our 8’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of 5’
to 10‘, choose our 10’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height over 10’, choose our 13’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of up to 5’, choose our 8’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height of 5’
to 10‘, choose our 10’ AirPad.

For maximum fall height over 10’, choose our 13’ AirPad.

Standard AirPad Sizes

Our standard sizes come in 48″, 60″ and 72″ depths to comply with OSHA requirements. AirPads easily link together to cover large fall areas. Custom sizes are also available.

• AirPad-48 (6’x8’x4′)
• AirPad-96 (8’x12’x5′)
• AirPad-64 (8’x8’x6′)
• AirPad-80 (8’x10’x6′)

• AirPad-160 (8’x20’x5′)
• AirPad-120 (6’x8’x6′)
• AirPad-140 (10’x14’x6′)
• Ask About Custom Sizes

Get a quote now on a standard or custom AirPad.

Not ready to buy? We can also arrange for fall protection rentals in some parts of the USA. Contact us for details

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i2k Trail-AirPads for Flatbed Trailers & Vehicles

Vehicles and trailers require specific fall protection mechanisms due to their smaller size and specific landing properties. The i2k Trail-AirPad is a cost-effective fall protection system that consists of up to 11 inflatable Trail-AirPads interlinked with simple push fit connectors. This keeps workers protected from every possible point of falling.

Straps secure all Trail-AirPads to vehicles for maximum stability. Wind interference is eliminated through trailer attachments at the top inside corners of each mat and through outside base ties, which can be fixed either to stakes driven into the ground or concrete ballast blocks. Trail-AirPads inflate via an 110-volt electric or petrol motor-powered blower.

Trail-Airpads range from 10 feet to 60 feet in length and comply with all current regulations for worker safety in the U.S.A. They are quick and easy to install, and once deflated, the system is easy to move and store.

Top 6 AirPad Mat Benefits

  • Suitable for all units from 10 feet to 60 feet in length
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Meets all current regulations
  • Inter-linking modules for ease of inflation
  • AirPad Mats are linked together with velcro straps to avoid gaps
  • Once deflated, the Trail-AirPad System is easy to move and store

Contact us for a quote, or for more information
on how Trail-AirPads can help your business.

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