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Delivery & Installation

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Delivery and installation of Our Occupational Safety Equipment

We work hard to make delivery and installation of our occupational safety equipment seamless and hassle-free.

Occupational Safety Equipment Delivery Conditions

Our occupational safety equipment is shipped F.O.B. carrier from our factory in Azusa. CA. We use the services of major common carriers and delivery services, and for foreign orders we use freight forwarders.

All costs and expenses relating to shipment (including insurance, customs expenses. duties, taxes, etc.) are the responsibility of the buyer. Generally, we ship freight collect, unless the buyer makes other arrangements.

Shipments will be insured at the buyer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. We assume no responsibility for placing a valuation upon a shipment unless requested to do so by the buyer at the buyer’s expense.

We may authorize partial shipments of orders to facilitate earliest possible delivery, provided we have been paid In full for the entire order.

Buyers must inspect packages for damage before signing the bill of lading. Buyers should refuse the shipment B the package Is damaged or make a note on the delivery receipt (bill of lading) for further claim evaluation. Any freight claim must be submitted to the freight carrier immediately.

This is an abbreviated listing of our terms and conditions. For a complete list, please download our terms and conditions.

Estimating Delivery Dates

We estimate delivery dates based on current and anticipated factory loads as well as estimated shipping dates. While we do our very best to provide accurate delivery times, we can not be held liable for delays in delivery. For more on delivery, download our terms and conditions.

Please contact us if you have questions about the delivery and Installation of our occupational safety equipment.

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