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Why Do People Land On Us?

We’re the trusted provider of fall protection equipment, because we build AirPads with the most advanced impact technology in existence. Our patented ZeroShock technology allows us to deliver fall protection systems unrivaled in their benefits to jumpers and athletes. Here are a few that make the most difference to our customers:

Who's using AirPad?

How our Patented ZeroShock Impact Technology Works

Instead of feeling a rigid jolt as one’s body comes into contact with a surface, i2k wants people to experience a totally shock-free landing experience. ZeroShock technology was carefully developed to allow jumpers and athletes to push their boundaries more safely and comfortably than ever before.

Unlike other airbags, our ZeroShock technology releases air gently. Individual Crumple Tubes form around a person’s body to carefully cradle their impact. These Crumple Tubes are a series of cylindrical tubes that sit below the “floating” top surface sheet of the i2k AirPad. When a body hits and indents the top surface sheet, a small amount of air within the Crumple Tubes immediately expels into the base bag below, cushioning falls.

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Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet

Lower Absorption Chamber

Fasteners connecting each Crumple Tube to the top sheet

Replaceable Crumple Tube Covers

Crumple Tubes

Anchor straps with 2 inch welded D-Rings

Ballistic GeoMembrane Reinforcement Layer

Grommet strip fastens to top sheet.

High-Quality Materials

All i2k AirPads are manufactured with the highest grade materials right here in California.

We use our proprietary Silicone-Coated Ballistic Nylon (SCBN) for our patented Crumple Tubes, as well as our primary top sheet, which ensures:

  1. You will never have delamination problems associated with vinyl
  2. You will never get a rip or tear in the top sheet
  3. It creates an antimicrobial and antiviral layer that simplifies sanitization

Other materials that go into your AirPads are:

  • 210 bonded-nylon thread
  • The finest hook & loop fabric for the base of the AirPad
  • Webbing
  • Welded D-Rings
  • YKK zippers
  • 12-18oz PVC-coated vinyl fabric (depending on your specifications)

Materials Used in i2k AirPad

Our i2k AirPads use the best materials known to man.

Combined with state-of-the-art engineering, it makes for a powerful fall protection product. One with impeccable build quality.

  • 1000D Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet
  • 110v Inflation Blower or Gasoline-Powered Blowers Available
  • 12-18oz PVC-coated vinyl fabric (depending on your specifications)
  • 210 bonded-nylon thread
  • Anchor Straps with 2″ Welded D-Rings
  • Crumple Tubes (Shock Absorbers)
  • Finest hook & loop fabric for the base of the AirPad
  • Lower Absorption Chamber
  • Rip-Stop PVC Coated Top Sheet
  • Webbing
  • Welded D-Rings
  • YKK zippers

Get your top sheets custom printed with your design or logo, upon request.

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