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Replace Foam with Smarter AirPad Technology!

AirPads eliminate one of the biggest expenses and hassles for trampoline parks operators:
having to continually replace foam pits due to bacteria, dust and deterioration.

Reduce your costs

The high cost of upkeep prohibits most facility owners from replacing foam blocks on an annual or as-needed basis, which leads to a decline in the sanitary standards of the trampoline park.

With AirPad, ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced because i2k AirPads last for years, even with heavy and repetitive use. AirPads don’t harbor smells and bacteria like foam landing systems and they won’t break down and spread hazardous foam pellets and dust. The top sheet is easy to clean, and cheap to replace.

Air bag safety mats versus AirPad

In addition to easier and lower-cost maintenance, AirPad safe landing systems also provide better cushioning support and safety than other landing systems.

Jumpers can land anywhere on the AirPad, right up to the very edge, with the same level of protection, since our ZeroShock air ‘fingers’ carefully cradle the body upon impact. There’s also zero risk of catapulting or bouncing other jumpers on the AirPad.
i2k’s AirPad system resets instantly after impact to accommodate multiple shock-free landings and support simultaneous jumpers better than other air bags.

Products that fit your park perfectly

i2k AirPads can be ordered in any of our standard sizes, or can be custom made to fit the dimensions and configurations of your trampoline park.

Since AirPads have the same level of impact absorption regardless of their size or height, they make phenomenal landing systems in compact spaces. AirPads are available in over a dozen colors, as well as custom PMS colors, printed logos, branding and design. All i2k AirPads are manufactured in the U.S.

Delivery, installation and training are available at your request.

Get in touch with us today to inquire about buying or renting an AirPad™ system for your Trampoline Park or Entertainment Center.

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Standard & Custom AirPads Available

The i2k AirPad comes in 4 standard sizes:

14 x 15  20 x 20  20 x 27  30 x 30

We also make custom AirPads that adhere to any type of size specification, design request or industry regulation.
If you can imagine it, we can inflate it. Since we do everything–from creative conception to manufacturing–at our own warehouse in Southern California, we’re able to collaborate with our clients every step of the way to create unique specialty AirPads.

Who’s using AirPad

How our Patented ZeroShock Impact Technology Works

The top surface sheet of the i2k AirPad merely ‘floats’ on top of a series of cylindrical tubes, or ‘fingers’. When a body lands and indents the top surface sheet, only a small amount of air within the tubes immediately expels into the base bag below. Unlike other air bags, our ZeroShock technology releases air gently so that individual ‘fingers’ shape around a person’s body to carefully cradle their impact.

Instead of feeling a rigid jolt as the body comes into contact with a surface, we want people to have a totally shock-free landing experience. ZeroShock technology was carefully developed to allow jumpers and athletes to push their boundaries more safely and comfortably than ever before.

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