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Inflatable Gymnastics Mat – Best Tips

Do you know how frequent falls and injuries are in gymnastics parks? Kids and adults practicing gymnastics can struggle with safe landings or unexpected loss of balance. That’s precisely where a gymnastic mat can make all the difference. Here are our best tips for inflatable gymnastic mat choices.

Safety inflatable gymnastic mat

An inflatable gymnastic mat is indispensable for the safety of your visitors at a public venue. Indeed, gymnastics training can be a hectic activity that can make it tough for people to land safely. Abrupt landings and hard surfaces can lead to injuries.

Inflatable gymnastic mat for tumbling

Practicing gymnastic moves such as forward rolls, bridges, split leaps, and regular kick walks requires balance, coordination, and speed. We strongly recommend an inflatable gymnastic mat to reduce the risk of strain and injury in athletes and enthusiasts.

Inflatable gymnastic mat for jumps

Gymnasts of all ages are likely to practice jumps, especially when they work with specialist equipment, such as bars, rings, pommel, or even the balance beam. An inflatable gymnastic mat can be helpful as they learn to coordinate their landings.

Inflatable gymnastic mat for falls

In a gymnastic park, falls are frequent. People rush to use the equipment while others wait, or perhaps they are trying to avoid a collision with an inattentive gymnast. Using an inflatable gymnastic mat provides protection and ensures people can train safely even in a crowded venue.

Where to buy the best inflatable gymnastics mat?

You may be wondering where you can find the right inflatable gymnastics mat for your needs. At i2k Airpads, we have developed a new technology to guarantee safe landing to gymnasts and other users. Indeed, our technology ensures there is no bad place to land!

Inflatable gymnastics mat quality

What are the top criteria that determine the best inflatable gymnastics mat quality? At i2k Airpads, we focus on three top factors:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Durability
  3. Safety

Our inflatable gymnastics pad comes with a sturdy PVC coated top sheet, antimicrobial layer, and is fully shock-absorbent.

Inflatable gymnastics mat sizing

Finding the right size for your gymnastics mat can be tricky. Sizing will vary greatly depending on your venue and the equipment you use. We appreciate that not two venues are the same. The last thing you want is a mat that’s too small or too big, increasing risks of injury. Our inflatable gymnastics mat is fully customizable.

Inflatable gymnastics mat for injury

Thanks to our new air technology, the inflatable gymnastics mat offers a safe landing. Indeed, landing on a mat is no guarantee that an athlete can avoid injuries. Our inflatable gymnastics mat is softer than others and doesn’t bounce gymnasts, making it the perfect ally to prevent injuries.

Inflatable gymnastic mat vs. foam mat

The typical foam mat tends to be hard. Our Zero shock technology will effectively absorb all shocks, preserving wrists, ankles, and fingers, which can get hurt when landing on a foam mat. We hope to see more inflatable gymnastics mat technology in gymnastics parks in the future.

Inflatable gymnastics mat at home

If you are looking for a gymnastics mat for home practice, inflatable mats are a superior solution for safety and sanitization. If you are building your own practice studio at home, we will be happy to provide a quote for an inflatable gymnastics mat.

Do you want to find out more about our inflatable gymnastics mat solutions? Get in touch with our team for a free quote.